Dear YiXue Friends, Interested and Seminar Participants,

Sifu Wei Ling Yi warmly welcomes all of us and wishes us good health, inner peace and harmony in this particularly challenging time. Due to the current situation, we had to cancel all YiXue seminars in Germany and abroad until the end of April 2020.

In order to be able to see and hear Wei Ling Yi anyway, he would like to invite us to his first online lecture in English. Many Lotus friends, especially abroad, are looking forward to seeing and hearing Wei Ling Yi again, and Wei Ling Yi is also pleased that he can, especially now, digitally network with us all over the world.

On Saturday April 18, for the first time, Wei Ling Yi will give a LIVE video lecture to all international Lotus friends.

Germany: 6 pm. Due to the time zone, there are different starting times for the different countries.

Sweden – Sat, 6:00 pm
Malta – Sat, 6:00 pm
Greece – Sat, 7:00 pm
USA Los Angeles – Sat, 9:00 am
Hawaii – Sat, 6:00 am
Canada Edmonton – Sat, 10:00 am
Singapore – Sat, 0:00 am (midnight)
New Zealand – Sun, 4:00 am

Participation is on Donation Basis

We offer this online lecture on donation basis and ask everyone who watches the lecture to make a generous donation out of one’s heart to support the non-profit YiXue Education Center in Nossen. For orientation concerning the donation amount, you can use the lectures and seminars that you otherwise would have attended. We are happy about every donation.

You can transfer your donation to the YiXue Education Center account:
YiXue Bildungszentrum gGmbH | Postbank Berlin
IBAN: DE52 1001 0010 0850 5511 00 BIC/ SWIFT: PBNKDEFF
Purpose: Donation (please do not write anything else apart from ‘donation’)

Content of the Online Lecture

This first online lecture is the start of a new era for YiXue. In this lecture, Wei Ling Yi will, among other items, address the coronavirus crisis.

  • How was this crisis triggered? Why in the present time?
  • How do we deal with it? How should we behave?
  • How can we solve the problems involved?
  • Which method can help us to overcome this hurdle?

Here you can register for the online lecture


INSTRUCTIONS for online participation – How you can join the LIVE video?

We use the ZOOM webinar platform. In principle, everything is very simple; and you do not need your own ZOOM account to participate. You just have to register for the online lecture using the button above and then you will receive a confirmation email with the access link.

You click this link shortly before the online appointment and you will be automatically guided through the process. This link is individually assigned, so you should not share it with others.

Here you can also download an instruction:


We will be successful in master this challenging time together

Warm Lotus greetings from Nossen
Your team from the YiXue Education Center

Invitation to an Online-Lecture with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi
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