YEP YiXue Educational Programme

The YiXue Educational Programme offers a new perspective on education. It offers a totally new approach in the field of learning, in order to contribute to the development of a modern education and improve learning.   The YiXue Education Programme (YEP)

The Practice of YiXue

  Who is Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi? Wei Ling Yi is a world-renowned and recognised authority in the science of YiXue Culture. He is the President of the World Qigong Head Office Association and since 1995 he has held seminar workshops

Education according to Wei Ling Yi

Education according to Wei Ling Yi

Methods used in the field of learning According to Wei Ling Yi ‘education’ means to support children in the development of their capabilities so that they can achieve their aims. In order to do that, it is very important that

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Great Progress

Since the last YiXue Yep Seminar I have done great progress. I have become more self confident, I am more focused during lessons. I understand situations better and I'm more compassionate.

Student O.D. (Form 3)

I see school in another way

Since I attended the seminars with Wei Ling Yi, I noticed a lot of change in my life. Instead of lack of studying, talking and arguing, now I'm studying as hard as I can.

Studen K.D. (Form 5)

Evaluating the YiXue Educational Programme

Listening to Voices of Different Stakeholders: A Case-Study Approach