Origin of YiXue Culture 


YiXue presents itself as a new culture of life with a holistic approach in a modern world characterized by a technology and information based civilization.

“Yi” literally means “one”.
It stands for the “1” of origin,
the Wholeness, and is the basis of all being.
Hence YiXue stands for The Culture of the One.

This practise addresses a four step process of



cultivating and

reaching Awareness.


It starts by releasing tension along the meridians and vitalising the flow of Qi- the life energy, by stimulating the blood flow which then activates self healing powers preventing illnesses and leading to physical self healing.

At a later stage, these processes also serve to open and strengthen the heart and to stabilize the emotions.

In a third stage they help develop the inner child so that the hidden potentials inside the participants can be awakened.