Mantra from Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

YiXue Education Centre, Nossen, Germany


Ma Ya Hai is a heavenly chant.

Reciting or singing it can help us eliminate heavenly retributions, earthly and human sorrow and bitterness.

So that our Great Mother Earth will be able to radiate her true beauty and abundance and humanity will be able to live in harmony with each other in peace and love.

The mantra helps us protect ourselves, as well as our family and all living beings and creatures.


Daily at 9:00 p.m. you can connect with Sifu Wei Ling Yi and the YiQi and recite the protective mantra „Ma Ya Hai“ inwardly or quietly.

The mantra carries the strength and information to send light into the world, to harmonize ourselves, all living beings and the environment.


To listen and download the Ma Ya Hai Mantra, please Click Here

Ma-Ya-Hai, The Heavenly Chant by Sifu Wei Ling Yi
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