Health Seminar-workshop by GrandMaster Wei Ling Yi

Through his own deep experiences in his life cultivation, Wei Ling Yi is able to guide participants to regenerate and sustain their vital life force/energy through the movements of the Hundred Children Lotus Gong.

The flowing movements also incorporate the opening of the heart door, which helps us to discharge old and negative emotional experiences and energies which contribute to the development of illnesses. Achieving more awareness helps the practitioner to understand past situations and helps contribute to their release out of our system.

Through the balance between movements and meditation, where stillness and relaxation are cultivated, tranquility and serenity can be brought about. In particular, stress can be reduced and the meditative breathing contributes to the breathing contributes to the normalising of blood pressure.

Body, heart, mind and soul are in tune and fused as one through relaxation of the body, tranquillity of the mind and peaceful conditioning of the soul.

Venue: Zokrija Middle School Hall, Maria Regina College, Triq L-Inkurunazzjoni, Mosta.

Dates: 17th and 18th July

Time: 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm

Fee: EUR 40

For more Info, Contact: Joe 9980 9339 / [email protected]

July 2017 Health Seminar with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

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