Why do you offer courses specifically for families?

You spend a lot of time with the family. Therefore it is important that at home a good and healthy Qi field gets established. Once all in the family enjoy good health, the family members will be happy. When you are happy the Qi flow harmoniously. Home is an important place and when you practise Qi, you are happy and well mannered towards your parents, teachers and elders. You will then be able to contribute to the unfolding of good Qi.

This way you can grow up in a healthy environment and you can develop well. 

Are there still other human beings who have the skills you have?

Yes, there are other humans as well. You need to have the knowledge and the skills to do this work. It is primary to practice Gong (strenght and skills) and to cultivate De (virtue).

If you practice the Qi, cultivate the Yi (the One) and start with that from your early ages, then everyone of you is able to do the work that I do. 

When was Qigong invented?

This culture of the Yi Qi reaches very far back, the term Qigong has only been used for the past 30 years or more. In former times though they spoke about the culture of the Yi Qi (the original energy).

Qigong is just a very small area practiced in the culture of the YiXue (the study of the one).

What is your task?

My job is to pass on the culture of the YiXue to all human beings. This culture provides a way to become healthy, happy and to live in peace.

The method that you learn is called Yi Qi Zhi Neng (Zhi = knowledge and methods, Neng = skills and latent / hidden potentials).

This method allows you to develop your awareness and your wisdom. And it can help you to improve your health. It also supports you to develop virtue (De) and to become good students.

How does one become a Master?

As a general rule other people call one that way because one has done a lot of good things. They show their respect this manner.

Why do you have such high strength?

The strength comes when you yourself are cultivating over a long period of time, when you are ready to learn with a humble heart and look at all living creatures as teachers.

When we live life in all its aspects, and when we love all living creatures with a big heart, we will gain knowledge. Thus a high awareness and wisdom develops. Our vitality will rise.

Where do you obtain this knowledge from?

The knowledge I have, has a very long tradition, it comes from the people. This high awareness and the wisdom have been cultivated for thousands of years.

When we have access to this knowledge we should work with it daily and practice it. 

How did you get around teaching Lotus Gong?

Since I was little, I was trained into the knowledge of the Lotus Gong (currently known as the YiXue System) and later on I started to teach it as well.

Since when have you practiced Lotus Gong?

I was three years old. My mother taught it to me, and I started practicing as a small child. And so is it with you, from your young ages you are already practicing. And once you keep practicing, you can use the Yi Qi to do well to others and to develop a merciful heart.

How long have you been practicing as a child?

There were times when I practiced only for a short period of time, and there were times when I practiced for a very long period of time. There were times when I did the exercises for a given time, and there were times when I practiced spontaneously. „Xiang Qi Fa“ (Fragrance Practice) for example, I was practicing while I was playing. Thus I was successful.

Have you been playing as a child as well?

As a child I enjoyed playing. When I was small I practiced a method of the Lotus Gong which is called the “100 Children Gong”. Therein various games are contained. I was very happy in doing so.

During this seminar you are playing soccer or you do are doing handicrafts masks for the closing celebraion of the seminar. This is also a practice of the Gong. When people participate in stage performances they are very happy. It is important for children to play.

You cannot sit for eight hours quietly at home. It is important to bring motor activity and stillness together. That will make you healthy.

Why do you teach us Lotus Gong/the YiXue Culture?

The Lotus Gong contains deep knowledge of how to maintain good health, happiness and enjoyment of longevity as well as to learn how to protect yourselves from illnesses and negative thoughts.

 It is possible for everyone to learn. You should learn it well as it will make you feel very happy.

The culture of the YiXue belongs to us humans, it is a life science. Everybody is able to get to learn it. Meanwhile get to learn it well and then you feel very happy.

It is my wish that you keep on practicing well and that you develop a love for it. I will support you in doing so.     


Questions posed by children to Wei Ling Yi