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We listened to a very successful lecture by Grand Master Wei Ling Yi Ling Zu on September 5th 2020, combined with a great energy transmission during the recitation of the Wang Sheng Yi Yu Zhou mantra. Grand Master Wei Ling Yi spoke about the importance of this mantra, which we recite annually at the Chao Du event, to help souls who have suddenly and unexpectedly left life to successfully be able to walk the path into light.

At this time, when more than 930,000 people worldwide have died of a corona infection, we can perform a great Yin virtue with this mantra and support these souls, so that they are able to leave the earth peacefully and also find their way home into the light. We also support their families, relatives, and friends to maintain a stable and calm heart. And the Corona Virus can come to rest through the recitation as well. It paves the way for the virus to return to its true home where it came from.

If we have a calm and stable heart and the inner belief that we can do this, many things are possible. We all know the saying “Faith can move mountains”.

The addition ‘Ling Zu’ to the name of Grand Master Wei Ling Yi means that he is ‘The One who creates everything out of the highest light’. When we connect with his power and his light, an unimaginably large energy field is built up, a huge network that shines everywhere and all about.

This mantra, like many others, cannot be translated into our language. The syllables carry light- filled information, and the meaning is clear. Together with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi Ling Zu, we can make the souls successfully go into the light.

We would like to invite all lotus friends and friends of the YiXue culture to recite this mantra for a cycle of 49 days, for 7 minutes, 14 minutes, 21 minutes or 28 minutes. The recitation is especially effective at 11am, 9pm, or 11pm. But we can also recite it at any other time. See how you can integrate it into your everyday life. It is important that we do it from the inner depth of our heart.


Under the following link you can download an audio file which you can listen to practice the Mantra:

Under the following link you can download the text of the Mantra:


The more people recite this mantra together with Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi Ling Ling Zu, the
greater our light will e, with which we can help and support to bring the deceased souls into light.

Many small lights become one big one.

We would also like to remind you of the Chao Du Event on November 28th. Imagine the great
effect when we will recite the Mantra together in all our countries.

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Thank you all for your support !

With warm Lotus greetings from the organization team YiXue Mantras


Wang Sheng Yi Yu Mantra

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